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low joule uses SI units for all internal calculations while the ‘user interface dialog box’ will have some default units for all input variables. In most cases the user will have an option to change and to select units for both input and outputs. The program automatically handles the unit conversion from SI to Metric or SI to US and vice versa.

The following table enlists the units for different property that can be preset for both input and output display. Try the following links to do the unit conversions.

Property Units
Temperature K, °C, °F
Pressure Pa, psi, kg/cm^2(bar), in.wg
Liquid Flow lpm, gpm, m^3/s, ft^3/s
Gas Flow slpm*, scfm**
Density kg/m^3, lbm/ft^3, lbf.sec^2/in^4, gm/cm^3
Specific heat Joule/kg.K, BTU/lb.R, kcal/kg.°C
Viscosity Pa.s, kg/m.sec, lbf.sec/in^2, cSt(centi stokes)
Thermal Conductivity W/m.K, BTU/hr.ft.R
Specific Enthalpy kJ/kg, BTU/lb
Specific Entropy kJ/kg.°C, BTU/lb.°F

*Standard liter per minute
**Standard cubic ft per minute

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